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Styling Your Hair With Bead Extensions


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Bead extensions can be used in different ways without going to a hairstylist. You can use techniques such as sewing, gluing and fusing for using the bead extension on your head, but they can cause damage to the hair. Another latest method for using the bead extension is micro-beading which features metal crimping beads for securing the hair strands. The bead extensions usually break up which must be adjusted in a proper way to make them look good. You can make the bead extensions to last for at least six months by caring it properly and adjusting it on regular basis.
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First divide your hair on top of the micro-beads row and secure upper hair section away from the styling process. Now take the hair strand which has extension attached and keep it below your bead. Try using the pliers for pressing it over sides of your flat bead to make it open and slide your hair extension to bead up hair shaft away from your root. Try to press the hair extension into hair bead to align it with top edge of your bead. You can crimp your bead once again by using pliers to push it hard in the middle and continue this at the end of your bead till it gets secured. Use the same steps on the other strands of your hair. Most of the people wear the bead extensions, but fail to maintain it properly which is very important.

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