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Treating Your Hair After Transplant


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Hair transplant usually needs special treatment once it has been successfully completed on your head. In this process, the hair will be removed from back of your head and placed on top. It is important to follow a proper technique to treat the hair after the after the transplant. You must try to follow the healing process in a perfect manner in order to enjoy the transplant hair.
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The first thing is to follow is sleeping in a perfect position without affecting the hair transplant. Avoid sleeping on the pillow or bed by keeping your head where the transplant process has been undergone. Don’t wash the hair for few days as it can alter the transplant hair and avoid covering the head with a hat as it can make the healing procedure longer. You must also avoid going out in the sun till the hair has been completely healed. Exposing your hair in the sun can cause burn making the healing process a long time. You must also stay calm and don’t strain yourself which can cause you to sweat. Sweating will cause infection which can remove the hair follicles such as exercising, jogging, etc as it can disturb the hair follicles. Try to avoid all the routine work that you used to do before undergoing the transplant surgery. Also look for the grafts whether they are properly healing and contact your doctor in case if you find any issue with the hair transplant.

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