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Using Bleach On A Short Hair


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Bleaching a long hair is very easy when compared to short hair as you have be very careful while doing this. But there are few things that can be used while bleaching the short hair without going to a saloon. You must get all the necessary tools ready before starting the styling process. Prepare your hair at least a day before starting the bleaching process and stay away from other hairstyling products.
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To start the process, first get the bleach kit which must contain bleaching powder, developer and instruction guide. Before using the bleach on your hair, make sure to do the strand test to prevent any type of allergies. Then cover the shoulder with a waste cloth to prevent the bleach from falling on your skin. Try to follow the instructions properly while using the bleach on your hair. Mix the bleach along with the developer in a proper way till it forms a creamy mixture. You must add developer into the bowl containing the bleaching powder very slowly to form the creamy mixture and don’t hurry during this process. Use applicator brush to apply the bleach on your hair evenly all over the hair from back of the head. After leaving the bleach for the time mentioned in the instruction guide rinse your hair till the bleach comes out of the hair. You can use mild shampoo while rinsing your hair and dry it as usual using a normal towel.

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