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Steps To Make Nappy Hair Roots Straight


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The nappy hair roots can make your hair look kinky and the roots can be straightened by following few simple process. You can easily control the nappy roots by making them straight with the help of a blow dryer. Be extra careful while using the blow dryer on the hair and don’t use it in the same hair section more than ten seconds. The same technique is also followed by the hair specialist if you want to make the roots straight.
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First brush your hair using wide-tooth hair comb and use a shampoo for washing the hair. Then apply a hair conditioner and rinse your hair once again. Make 8 different parts in your hair and secure each of the parts with hair clips. Then take one of the hair part and use a straightening gel. Attach the blow dryer with a comb attachment and start using it over the hair roots. Make sure to use the blow dryer for at least ten seconds and gently move from root to end of the hair. You must use the blow dryer on the hair section at least 2-3 times. Use the same drying process on the other hair part that was secured before by removing the hair clip one by one. Try to continue the drying process till the hair becomes free of water. Now you can use your hands to touch the hair roots to check whether they have become fully straight.

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