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Taking Care Of Itchy Scalp


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Having an itchy scalp will make you scratch the head along with a very uncomfortable feeling. You must keep the scalp healthy in order to prevent the itchy sensation. There are few simple things that can be used for treating this problem without going to a hair specialist. Olive oil and mayonnaise can be used on the head to control the itch which is considered to be very effective by most of the people.
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Always maintain your hair clean and there must not be any build-up of hair products. You can use a special shampoo for washing your hair to keep it free from product build-up. Use hair products that are good for your hair type and avoid using shampoo as well as conditioner that give allergic reaction. Using hair colors can also make your scalp itchy, so try to wash the color using a shampoo specially made to make your hair color free. Another problem that causes itching is dandruff on the scalp, so wash it fully using a shampoo. Sunburn can also be another reason for your itchy scalp, so stay away from the sun for sometime if you face this problem. Try to cover the head with sunscreen when you step out of your home. In case you scalp is healthy and still you feel it itchy, it can be a problem due to lice. If you have lice on your head, it can be treated by washing the hair using a shampoo.

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