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Trimming Your Hair At Home


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Trimming hair is not as difficult as it looks, but you must give additional care while doing it at home. Try to get some practice before starting the trimming process at home and you can easily perform this in a very quick time. Here are few steps that can be used while trimming your hair especially when it is short. Sit in front of the mirror during the entire trimming process and always cut a little amount of hair in the beginning to prevent any error.
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First take the clippers along with the comb attachment and use it over the head at the back as well as the sides. Use the clippers on your hairline from the temples and over your arch just above your ears as well as down across nape of your neck. Now wash the hair and gently brush it. Start taking small parts of hair over the top of your head in between the index and middle finger for cutting the hair across to achieve the desired length using the sharp scissors. Use the same kind of trimming technique at the sides and back of your head till all of your hair strands in the same length. Next brush the bangs in front of the head and try to trim it using scissors horizontally across the forehead. Leave your hair dry on its own and now the clippers with a shorter comb to use it over the hairline.

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