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Make Ethnic Hair Straight Without Using Relaxer


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The ethnic hair can be made to look straight by using various styling process, but you must use the relaxer. There are also few ways that can be helpful to make the hair straight with using the normal relaxers and instead you can use a flat iron. Make sure your hair has become fully clean before using the iron over it. Before using the flat iron all over the hair, test it by just pulling a small hair strand.
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First dry your hair as usual after washing and conditioning it. If you want try to use a blow dryer along with a comb attachment. Make four parts in your hair such as two in the front and two at the back of the head. Take one of the hair section about half inch thick and brush it fully. Now use the flat iron on this section from root to end by applying slight pressure. You must use the flat iron at least two times on the hair section or till the hair becomes completely straight. In most cases the hair will become straight after using the flat iron two times. Continue to use the iron on the other hair section in the same way. Once your hair has been straightened fully, maintaining it in a proper way is very important. While going to bed, try to cover the hair with a scarf and you can also lie down over a satin pillow.

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