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Prevent Curls In A Cornrow Hairstyle


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Cornrows have been one of the most popular hairstyle among many women. After creating the cornrows in a proper way sometimes they may start to curl up which can spoil the entire look. There are few ways that can help to control the curls in the cornrow. This problem is faced by many people who create cornrows and they will not have any idea of preventing it. As the cornrows are worn for few months, solving this issue is very important unless you think the curls look on your hairstyle.
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There are different ways to prevent the curls in the cornrow, the first option would by using the rollers to roll hair ends straight down which will make the cornrows to point towards opposite direction than coming out curly. Then use a hairspray all over the cornrow braids and cover it using a scarf. Keep your hair covered with the same scarf for few hours which will help to keep the hair in place. Another option is making the braid at the end of your hair loose as they will become curly if you create the braid till the end of your hair. The hair ends will become slightly puffy at the end which can keep away the curls. You can also try to use hair accessories such as hair barrettes,  rubber bands or beads at the end of your hair which can help to weigh down your hair removing the curls.

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