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Styling Hair With Conair Magnetic Rollers


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Conair magnetic rollers can be used on your hair to achieve beautiful curls. These are just normal magnetic rollers without any magnetic power that can be used on the hair without causing any harm. This is one of the simple method that can be followed at home to get the curls in your hair. Maintain your hair damp during the styling process and use the blow dryer at the end.
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First get the Conair magnetic rollers along with metal clips that will be used on the hair. The metal clips are normally sold with magnetic rollers which are made of are plastic to stay on the hair without any support. Then prepare the hair by washing it as usual and make the hair to fall on its own. Now look at the curls in your hair where they fall and make separate hair sections. Now pull out a small hair section to wrap it with the Conair magnetic rollers and make sure to keep the hair a little wet when you are using the hair rollers. Use this step on the other hair sections in the same way and secure each of them with metal clips. You can try the double-pronged hair clip over magnetic roller close to the scalp at the side of your hair rollers. Make the hair to dry using a blow dryer with the rollers on and after the hair loses its wetness take the rollers out of the hair.

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