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Ways To Use Honey Wax To Remove Hair


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Honey waxing hair can help in different ways and it can be purchased from a beauty supply shop. In case you want to make your own honey way at home, then it can be created using a normal honey. The honey wax is used by most of them to take the hair out effectively. There are only women who want to remove the unwanted hair on their skin, but there are few men also who like to take the hair out.
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First take one cup of honey and mix it along with one cup of white sugar. Then add fresh lemon juice in the mixture and heat it. Next leave the mixture to cool down before using it over the hair with the help of your fingers. You must use the mixture over the skin where you want to take the hair out. Try to smoothen a cotton strip by just rubbing it with the hand at least 3-4 times. Keep your skin around a strip taunt and take cotton strip to pull it in opposite direction from where the hair has grown. You must hold your hand close to your skin while pulling its strip off. Continue to use the mixture on the place where you want to remove the hair and then wash the skin perfectly using warm water. Don’t use any type of lotions or soaps on the skin where the hair was removed as it can cause discomfort.

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