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Using Flat Iron To Curl Hair


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A flat iron is normally used to make the hair straight, but you can also use the same tool to create curls in the hair. The curls in your hair will be much looser than the curls that are achieved with a curling iron. You can also make the hair look wavy with a flat iron. Make sure to follow the directions mentioned on the flat iron kit and don’t use the flat iron on the hair with high temperature. Also use the flat iron only over two inch hair sections to maintain the curls in a proper way.
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To get the curls with flat iron, first comb your hair and take a small part of hair about two inches thick which will be used for curling. Now plug in the flat iron in the electric socket to make it medium heat. Now take the two inch part hair and place it in between the iron plates near base of your scalp. Try to irons together for clamping your hair between both the irons and pull it towards downward in your hair with gentle pressure. Try to roll your iron around your hair section either up or down which will make the curls go in that direction. Continue this process all over the hair in sections to achieve the curls and try to take the iron out of your hair from your hair to make the hair to fall on their own.

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