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Hairstyle With Neon Color


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The neon hair color can make your hairstyle look more unique than ever and some of them prefer this way of changing their hair color. There are different methods that can help to color in this way and you can also use food coloring to change the look of your hair.
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To begin, first take half cup mild shampoo in a applicator bottle and wear gloves during this process. Then mix neon food hair coloring in the bottle and add a little amount of water. Next cover the hair with a towel once you make it slightly damp and divide it into four different parts. Now take first hair part to apply the mixture over it starting from top to bottom using your fingers. Use the coloring process on one section of hair at a time and continue this process till all of your hair gets colored. Mist the entire hair with water and leave it dry. You can cover the hair using plastic cap to leave the hair with the color overnight. In the morning, try to rinse your hair and make sure to apply hair conditioner. Then rinse the hair once again to take the conditioner out of your hair. Leave the hair without washing for about three days to maintain the color for a long time. Try using color-safe hair shampoo for coloring the hair and try to do strand test before applying the color all over your hair.

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