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Methods To Make Dreadlocks Roots Tight


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Dreadlocks can give simply amazing look if you maintain it in a proper way. As the days pass, the dreadlocks will become loose which must be taken care to prevent a bad look. You must try to tighten your hair roots in the dreadlocks by following this simple technique. Using hair products can make the hair roots tight and easier to maintain. There are lots of hairstyling gel that can be used over the hair to make it look healthy and beautiful. Make sure there are no unlocked roots in your hair as it can make the locks look unkempt and twist the hair regularly by palm-rolling the hair.
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Start the styling with a washed hair using a residue-free hair shampoo and leave the shampoo over the hair for sometime once the lather starts to form. Then take the entire hair to create a ponytail after the dreads become dry. Now pull out three locks from your ponytail with your hand tightly near the dread below your unlocked roots. Try to push the locks slightly and rub it in circular motion over the scalp. Leave the hair without touching for around 30 seconds and continue the rubbing process for 30 seconds more. Make the locks to drop and start picking one among three for pressing it over the palms using the thumbs over the scalp to roll lock back as well as forth for another 30 seconds to lock your roots perfectly.

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