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Taking Care Of Short Bad Haircuts


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Getting a bad haircut can be very much disturbing for most of the people and especially for men if they have bald spots over their head. This problem can be easily solved with few cutting techniques. The most important thing is to cut the hair similar to the bald spots, so it grows along with the same length of the hair that is cut too short.
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First comb the entire hair from top to end and find out the small hair patches which will used for to cut the other hair in the same size. Then check your clipper guard by running them in the hair near the small parts. Try to select the clipper guard of the same width which the hair will be cut and clip guard with the clippers to snaps it tight. Begin to cut your hair with the clipper and move the guard toward your scalp and through your hair against hair growth. You must also cut your hair with the help of short and overlapping sections. Move over your hair as many times as possible using the clippers and brush the hair against its growth. Now go through your hair to find out any longer hair sections and try to cut them in the same manner. Next wash the hair with a normal hair shampoo and go through the hair once again to look for lengthy hair. Avoid using the clippers in the opposite direction as it will create bald spots easily.

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