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Rusk Ponytail Haircut


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Rusk ponytail haircut is known to be the latest version in the ponytail cut which is capable of providing layered clean layered hair. This haircut is able to blend layers in different ways all over the head. You will be able to get more layered and blended when compared to a standard ponytail.
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Make the haircut when your hair is still wet by making a simple part near the temple till the back of your head. Make the same part on the other side of your head and connect both part on the head to create a ponytail. Then make another section with your part near the temple where the first section meets. Move this hair section like an arch and divide your hair into two different parts. You must stop the hair part in the same place even at the other side in your head, near the temple to create a ponytail centered over your head as well as near middle of the hair section. You must begin your Rusk ponytail haircut on top section in the hair after brushing your ponytail up. Try to cut your hair as per your desire and cut it straight in the ponytail. Brush your hair once again for cutting the ends and divide ponytail as three parts for cutting it in a V shapes. Then flip your ponytail forward to repeat the cutting process on remaining ponytails. At last brush the ponytail hair and texture the entire hair.

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