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Coloring Hair Using Watercolors


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There are different styling methods that can be used for coloring the hair and one of the simple methods is using watercolors to achieve the colorful hairstyle. This process is very simple, but you won’t be able to highlight your hair dark and it won’t last for a long time. The watercolors can be used on the hair that is light in color and if you have a thick colored hair avoid using the watercolors as it will not look good.
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To color the hair with watercolors, first comb the entire section of your hair and divide the hair part that will be colored. Use the normal paintbrush to color your hair. First dip your paintbrush in normal water and then dip it in the color till you are able to create thick color base. Pull out one of your hair section outwards and pain it using the brush till you get it colored as per your desire. Continue the coloring technique in the same way till your hair gets colored. Then use a blow dryer with cold setting to make the painted hair section dry. Once the hair become dry, wash it as you would do every day with a normal hair shampoo. This coloring process is not followed by most of the people because it cannot last for a long period of time. In case you want to change the look of your hair for time being, then this coloring process can be followed.

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