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Control Hair Frizz After Straightening Process


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When you are using a flat iron to make the hair straight, the hair may become frizz due to the heat produced by the iron. There are few simple methods that can help to prevent the hair frizz after using the flat iron. Try to be very careful while using the flat iron as they will be too hot to handle. Give extra attention while using the flat iron and don’t take it too close to the scalp or your skin as it can easily burn them.
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Start the styling with a washed and properly conditioner hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before proceeding with the styling process and mist the entire hair with a spray which can help to reduce the damage caused by the heat from the flat iron. Use a blow dryer all over the hair to control the frizz before using the flat iron on your hair. Pull out your hair using the paddle brush during the drying process and move your blow dryer towards downward to make the hair dry. Use the addle brush for combing your hair after using the blow dryer and divide your hair as small sections. Now you can use the flat iron over the hair in small sections in downward motion starting from root to end. In case you find frizz hair after the hair straightening process, apply an anti-frizz hair serum all over to keep it in control.

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