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Hairstyle With 27-Piece Weave


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A 27-piece weave is a perfect choice to create beautiful hairstyle and you can easily use them on your head by using glue. You can also create your own bangs with this hair weave and other hairstyle depending upon the occasion, but make sure to follow a proper styling method.
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First purchase a 27-piece weave from a hairstyling store and arrange it from short to long after taking it out of the packet. Add a hair gl on the natural hair strands and brush the entire hair flat on top of the head. Wear a shower cap on top of your head and then keep a stocking cap over the shower cap. Now pull out short hair weave pieces from the nape and add a little amount of normal glue over your weave piece to keep it over your stocking cap near the nape. Use this method on the rest of your hair in a row by maintaining a simple circular pattern across your head. First add the weave at the back and at the side of your head. Take long hair weave piece for securing it in front hairline over the cap. Try to use the long hair weave till you get the desired thickness in the bang area. In case you want to create a spiky look with the hair weave, then pull out a short hair weave piece and flip it upside down for securing it in your crown area with the glue.

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