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Methods To Cut Your Hair Weave


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Cutting the hair weave is the best way to maintain it in a proper way without going to a hairstylist. You must follow a proper method while cutting the hair weave which can be done just as you do it with the natural hair. Combing the hair in a proper way is very important in this styling technique as you must do it immediately after cutting the hair section. Be very patient while using the scissors to cut the hair.
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To begin the hair weave cutting, wash your hair and make three equal sections such as two sections on top of the head and on section at the bottom. Now comb the bottom section o remove the tangles and stop your comb in the place where you would like to cut the hair weave. Use normal scissors for cutting the hair weave in a straight line. Next brush the cut hair and take the second hair section for brushing it. There will be a defined line in between your cut hair and uncut hair. Just brush your hair till the cut line and now cut your hair in a simple straight line. Now you can take the top section of hair and use the same cutting technique. Then comb the front hair section slightly forward to keep its ends in between the fingers and start cutting the hair to make a simple straight line. Comb the hair once again and make sure all the hair sections looks even.

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