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Styling Your Hair With Claws


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Hair claws are one of the best styling tools that can be used to create various types of hairstyles. It is available in different sizes that can be used depending upon the hairstyle you are planning to achieve. The hair claws can be used instead of using the normal ponytail holder as it can also prevent hair breakage.
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Begin the styling after combing your hair and pull the entire hair at the back of the head to create simple ponytail. Try to twist the roots of your ponytail and lift ponytail ends upwards to use the hair claws. Try to keep twisted hair at the back of the head and keep a row of your hair claw teeth over left side in the twist to pivot other row over the right side. Try to keep the entire hair in the hair claws to keep the twist secured tightly. It is better to use a small hair claw than a big one while creating the ponytail as it can help to secure your hair in place along with extra bulk. Try to keep the sprouts over the top of your claw in a even manner on each side in the jaws and mist the ends with a spray. You can also try to curl your sprouts using a curling iron to make it look unique. Make sure to mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to give more hold to your hair claws.

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