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Straightening Coarse Hair With Flat Iron


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Using a flat iron on a coarse hair is not difficult as you can do it without any help. But you must have lot of patience while using this tool to prevent burning your hair. The hair can be made to look shiny if you straighten it using a flat iron. Try to purchase a standard flat iron for using it over the hair and avoid using a low quality irons as they can damage the hair easily. Try to adjust the flat iron as per your hair thickness.
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Begin the styling with neatly washed hair using a relaxing shampoo and spread a moisturizing conditioner. Then add a heat protecting serum all over the hair before using the flat iron to protect the hair from getting damaged. Leave the hair to dry on its own and use a blow dryer if required. But you must comb the hair with a paddle brush during this process. Now heat the flat iron by plugging it into a electric socket and make sure it reaches 380-410 degrees. Separate the hair as sections and mist it with a spray. Take each section of hair for pressing it in the flat iron and pull your flat iron over the hair from scalp to end of the hair. Use the same process on each section of your hair and at last mist the entire hair that has been straightened with a finishing hairspray to get into the look.

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