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Taking Care Of Badly Colored Hair


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In case your hair has been colored badly, there are few things that can help them to keep it in original color. Most of the people color their hair at home than going to a hair specialist which can lead to bad hair colors. The best way to treat the bad colored hair is by cutting the hair as short as possible.
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If you have done the color treatment by going to a saloon, then consult a hair specialist immediately to fix the hair coloring problem. The hairstylist may suggest you treat this issue with a 5 color correction hair treatment. Start using semi-permanent hair color on your hair by following the instructions over the kit. Another option is taking heated olive oil about half cup and massage it over the hair once it becomes cool. Then leave the olive oil on your hair for around half an hour before getting the hair rinsed. You can also take 2 oz peroxide and 1 oz warm water along with 1 oz shampoo in a bowl. Then use it over the hair and cover it with a plastic wrap before sitting under the hair dryer. Once the hair reaches to your desired color, use a shampoo to wash the hair. The last and final option would be washing the hair with anti-dandruff shampoo as it is known to have the hair color removing abilities. Avoid using all these techniques if your hair turns green, blue, orange or pink.

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