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Using Egg For Moisturizing Your Hair


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Eggs are used for various purposes in styling the hair and you can also use it for keeping the hair moisturized. Having a dry hair can make it fall very easily or most of the people suffer from split ends due to this. Instead of moisturizing your hair by going to hair specialist you can just use an egg to get the same result. You must have few ingredients for treating the hair moisturized such as an egg, olive oil, shower cap and shampoo.
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First take raw egg in a bowl and mix two tbsp olive oil in the bowl. Try to mix egg and the oil for at least one minute. Now use your hands to apply the mixture all over the hair and make sure to massage it gently into the hair. You can also use it over the scalp along with the hair. Then cover the head by placing a normal shower cap over it. Leave the hair with the egg mixture for around fifteen minutes and rinse the entire hair as usual. Try to use a regular shampoo while rinsing your hair to get rid of the egg mixture from the hair. In case you are planning to give additional conditioning to the hair, mix the bowl which contains egg and olive oil with one tbsp mayonnaise. Avoid mixing any other ingredients along with egg as it can damage the hair and get help from a friend during this process.

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