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Reasons Behind Hair Breakage


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Hair breakage can occur due to various reasons which include using hairstyling products, environmental conditions and more. Here are few important things that can be the main reason behind the hair breakage. The hair can break in various places such as at the middle of strand and near the root. The hair will also break when it is too long and make sure to avoid combing the hair too much when it is very long.
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One of the main reasons for hair breakage is towel drying the hair. The hair will easily break off when you rub it vigorously with the towel for drying. Brushing your hair when it is wet can cause breakage and pulling the hair very hard can also result in hair breakage. Pulling the hair tightly can also cause split ends. Styling the hair using straightening irons, curling irons and hair dryers can also make the hair to damage. Using chemicals for styling the hair which includes dyes, perms and relaxers can make the hair break. Exposing the hair too much to sun or tanning the hair can also become a reason behind the hair breakage. Heat can make the hair to become weak which can make it loose the structure. Go to a doctor if you face severe hair fall or breakage to prevent any kind of problem. Don’t make the hair to become dry and keep it moisturized which will make the hair to stay healthy.

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