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Methods To Straighten Hair Using Olive Oil


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Hair can be straightened by using various styling products. Most of the people go to a hairstylist to make their hair straight, but there are chances of getting your hair damaged by following these styling products. There are also few household items that can be used to make the hair straight which can prevent damage to the hair.
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Olive oil is one of the best item that is found is most of the houses and it can be mixed along with conditioner to saturate the hair as well as relax your curls. It can also help to nourish the hair and maintain it in a proper way. To straighten the hair with the olive oil, you must use one part of hair conditioner and then three part of olive oil. Take the olive oil in the bowl and heat it by placing the bowl over the stove. Once the olive oil in the bowl becomes to simmer try to add conditioner in it and keep it to become cool. Apply this mixture all over the hair and make sure you are able to cover the entire strands of your hair. Leave this mixture on the hair strands for around half an hour and then use normal water to rinse the entire hair to remove the mixture out of the hair. After the hair becomes free of olive oil mixture, make your hair to dry on its own without using any type of hairstyling tools.

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