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Using Comb For Highlighting Hair


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Hair can be highlighted using various styling techniques, but did you know that it can be done just with the help of a comb. This can save time for going to the hairstylist and also save money. There are few simple methods that must be used while highlighting your hair using a comb.
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Start the styling process with a dry hair and mix lightener in a proper way. Make a section on top of your head with diagonal line starting from middle of your forehead and moving at the back of your head. Now charge comb using a color brush and make sure there is lightener in between comb teeth. Then take hair which is hanging 1/4 inch wide and thick. Keep your comb over midshaft in your hair by placing it flat over the hair section to rake your comb towards the fingers very gently. After reaching the fingers move the comb near your scalp to rake it again in the same way. Continue this method all around the hair at the bottom by picking random pieces. After coloring the hair take the hair from top of the head loose and use the same coloring technique in this section as well. After coloring the all of your hair in the same manner leave it to dry on its own as per the time mentioned on the styling kit. Then rinse the hair using a shampoo and condition as you do in normal days.

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