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Wavy Layered Bob


wavy layered bob wavy layered bob2
A wavy layered bob can be the perfect hairstyle for those who want to make their hair look different. The bob can be created in different versions and this is considered to give a new look. This style can be worn for any event during any time in a day or night.
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To create the wavy layered bob, first you must cut your hair into a bob. Then wash it as usual before using a volumizing hairspray which can be helpful in creating more volume into your hair. Take one part of your hair to dry it using a blow dryer and make sure to use the round brush for combing the hair during the drying process to start away from frizz. Use the blow all over the hair in sections as you did previously. Divide your hair as various parts to roll them in Velcro roller and don’t go too close to your scalp as it will make the waves look tight. Leave Velcro roller on your hair sections for at least fifteen minutes. Now remove the attached rollers from your hair to make the waves to fall separately. Use only your fingers to style the waves very gently to prevent frizz. You can leave the hair wavy or if you like to make it more amazing curl the entire section of hair using a curling iron. Mist the waves with little amount of spray and avoid touching them very often.

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