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Methods To Wear Wig Cap


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Wigs are used by many people to create unique hairstyles and it is also very easy to use. There are also many celebrities who like to style their hair with a wig cap. Most of the people have problems while wearing the wig caps as the hair can come out of it if you have placed the wig in a proper way.
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To style the hair with wig cap, first take the hair at the back to make a part and make a standard ponytail on both the side of the head. Make sure that both the ponytail has been placed at the back of your ear. Then take your first ponytail for wrapping it and try to make keep flat over the head. Use bobby pins bottom of the ponytail as well on both of the sides of your ponytail for securing it in place. Use this simple technique on the second ponytail that was created on the other side of the head. Now mist the entire hair with a spray and try to open the wig cap using your hands. Try sliding your wig cap over the hair for taking it over the head and make sure that the wig cap fits perfectly around the hairline. Next you must stick the hair which comes out of the hairstyle inside the wig cap before using the hairspray once again over it. Now you can place the wig over your cap for styling it as per your desire.

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