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Using Castor Oil For Deep Conditioning Hair


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Hair can be conditioned with various natural products, but deep condition the hair with castor oil can be much more useful when compared to other products. Castor oil is normally extracted from castor bean seed which is also used for other purposes such as cooking, medicines and more. To use castor oil for the deep conditioning process you must follow this procedure to get effective results.
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First take castor oil in the palm and then rub it along with both the hands. Spread the oil in your palm over the hair strands by moving in small sections from the end of the hair and going towards the scalp. Make sure your hair entire hair strands have been covered with the castor oil. Next use your fingers to massage the castor oil into the scalp to keep it moisturized and place the entire hair under a shower cap. You can just use normal hairpins for keeping the hair inside the cap. But you must keep the entire hair below your shower cap before leaving it overnight which will help the castor oil to enter into the hair cells. In the morning take the cap out of your head and wash the hair till the oil is completely removed from the hair. You can also use a normal shampoo during the hair washing process and style the hair however you like to have it. By following this process you can easily keep the hair properly conditioned.

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