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Styling Hair With Rubber Rollers


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Twist rubber rollers are the perfect toll to create super curly hairstyle and it is available in most of the beauty supply store. The rubber rollers can be purchased in various sizes which can be used to create different types of curls in your hair. You can create short curls by using tight, long or thin rollers and use fat rollers to achieve big curls.
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To use twist rubber rollers, take a small part of hair on top of the head which much be about one inch in width. Keep your rubber roller near bottom of your hair section and start twisting your hair in the roller. Try to roll your hair with the hair till it reaches top of the head. Now fold your rubber roller into half and secure it in place. Continue rolling your hair in the same way using the rubber roller till the entire hair section twisted in the rubber rollers. Just leave the rubber roller in the hair overnight and make sure the hair is still wet before going to bed. You can just mist the entire hair with roller to make it wet. In the morning, take the rubber rollers out of the hair by twisting them backwards and mist your entire hair once again with a hairspray to keep the curls in place. If you are willing to leave the hair overnight with the rollers, try to mist the hair and leave it for one hour before removing the rollers.

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