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Using Rit Dye To Color Synthetic Hair


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Coloring a synthetic hair can made it look really good. It is important to give proper attention while coloring the synthetic extensions as you cannot add color to all types of synthetic hair. In case you are planning to color a synthetic hair made of natural fiber, you can use Rit Dye to make it look perfect. Try to do a strand test before using the color over the hair to stay on the safer side.
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To color your  synthetic hair with Rit Dye, first wear hand gloves and add 1 c of liquid Rit Dye in a bowl and mix it along with 1/2 c of hot water. Make sure that the dye has been mixed only with hot water as it cannot be mixed with cold water. Next take a sponge and dip it inside the dye bowl for applying it over your synthetic hair. You can use the color on the hair in simple strokes starting from scalp to bottom of the hair. Leave the dye over the hair for at least twenty minutes as it requires so much time to get set. Then rinse your hair using cold water and make sure the water comes out clean from your hair before ending the rinsing process. Make the hair to dry on its own without using any type of hair dryer. If you want to correct the color make sure that the colored synthetic hair has become fully dry.

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