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Adding Texture In Hair With Haircut


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If you are planning to texturize your hair while getting a haircut try to follow a proper technique. You can give your hair the fullness required to make it look thick by texturizing your hair. You can do this without going to a saloon by using few simple styling tools as well as techniques. There is no need to purchase texturizing scissors for achieving this look as they can be costly and you can cut the hair using barber scissors.
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Begin your hairstyling process after the hair is cleaned using a shampoo and conditioned as well. Maintain the wetness in your hair by misting it with a spray bottle and use only barber scissors along with small-tooth hair brush for styling the hair. You can texturize the bangs by keeping your scissors in vertical angle in the line with the nose. Brush your bangs down for cutting it in random snips. Try to cut the rest of the hair by pulling them in small sections and keep them in between the two fingers for cutting them at the two sections. The scissors must be placed parallel to your fingers and avoid cutting your entire section of hair. Start cutting longer hair sections by taking them forward from the front of the head and move at the back of your head. Try to sit in front of the mirror during the entire process to make sure that the hair is cut in a proper way.

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