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Creating Hair Curls Using A Lemon


lemon hair curls lemon hair curls2
Lemon is used for various purposes and did you know that it can be helpful in creating curls in your hair. The lemon can be useful in maintaining the curls in your hair for a long time without causing any damage to it. The will be able to get stronger hold in it with the help of a lemon and the styling process is also very simple as well as easy. You must have few items ready before starting the styling process which includes hair brush, foam rollers, lemon, spray bottle and hair clips.
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Try to wash the hair a day before the styling process and then brush the hair in the morning. Then divide the hair and take a lemon to run it over the hair section. Try to make the hair look wet by applying the lemon over it and comb the hair section to spread the lemon throughout the hair. Start rolling the hair section in the foam roller and try to keep them secured in one place with the help of hair clips. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts and try to use the diluted lemon to mist on each section of the hair. The hair curls will look crispy in the beginning and it will start become loose as the day goes. The same method can be used to create the waves in your hair if you don’t want to achieve curls in it.

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