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Straightening Hair With Baking Soda


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Baking soda is used for various purposes, but did you know that it is also helpful in making the hair straight. Even though the baking soda doesn’t make the hair straight fully, it can make the curls and waves loose so that the hair looks almost straight. You can just use the baking soda along with a hair conditioner or add nourishing oil including coconut oil, avocado oil, etc for the styling process.
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To begin the process, first wash the hair and dry to keep the hair dry during the styling. Then take baking soda to mix it along with a conditioner and apply this mixture all over the hair from end to scalp. Now cover the hair with shower cap and wrap a towel just over your cap. You must leave the hair in the shower cap for around 30 minutes and more. In case you are feeling any kind of discomfort wearing the shower cap, try to remove it from the head immediately to avoid any kind of allergy. Then rinse the hair completely using normal cold water and get a deep conditioning treatment as soon as possible. Leave the hair as it is for around one hour and try to detangle the hair using deep conditioner. Next comb the hair using wide-tooth comb and rinse the hair once again before styling it as usual. Avoid getting this treatment done once in a month as it can damage your hair.

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