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Coloring Your Hair With Majirel


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Majirel is a hair coloring product that has been made with the help of ultra-conditioners and it is also has high resistance for sun as well as water exposure. This hair coloring product is capable of providing color protection to your hair for a longer time and it is normally used by professional hairstylist at a saloon.
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To use this hair color at home, first you must take Majirel warm tube and mix it with Majicreme volume developer. Lave the mixture for about 20 minutes and meanwhile wear hand gloves before using it over the hair. Try to use this mixture all over the hair and in case you are applying the color for the first time use it over mid-length hair strands for keeping it an inch away from the scalp. After using the mixture over the hair, leave it for at least half an hour before washing it off. You must use water which is slightly warm for achieving a proper result. Try to add a little warm water in the mixture before using it over the hair strands in case you want to get a moderate fading. To achieve a natural shade, do the hair strand test to know the perfect time for applying the mixture. To get maximum fading, try adding a shade as per your desire and mix it with a cream in shade warmer to the actual shade before using the mixture over the hair strands.

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