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Using Razor For Layering Hair


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Most of the people will normally use scissors for creating layers in their hair, but did you know that it can be achieved with the help of a razor. Using the razor for creating layers in your hair is done with the same process that is used with a scissor. It is important to be very much careful while using a razor for creating layers in the hair.
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Start the layering process with a slightly damp hair which will be helpful in achieving this look very easily. First comb your entire hair as you do it while using the scissors and create sections in your hair. Take one inch hair section away from your head for angling it for achieving the look. If you want to take more out of your head, try to keep at a higher angle or you can try with one inch sections all around your head to get look perfectly. Take the section between the pointer as well as middle finger for removing hair at the ends by using razor blade in quick a motion and make sure that the razor blade makes contact with your hair during up as well as down motion. You can create additional layers along with movement in your hair by pointing tip of your razor blade into the hair section as well as halfway point in the middle of the section. Continue this process all over the head by sitting in front of a mirror.

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