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Steps To Create Felt Dreads


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Felt dreads are the best way to achieve beautiful and colorful hairstyle without touching your original hair. It is very easy to get this look and there is no need to spend too much time as well as money to achieve it. The felt dreads can be placed on your head as falls or extensions as they will be braided into your hair.
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To create your own felt dreads, first your must take water in saucepan and add 1/3 cup detergent in the boiling water. Then you must get the roving wool which are available in a store and measure it 24 inches long in case you want them in 12 inches. Keep the wool in your bowl which has the detergent for about 2 minutes. Now hold the end of your wool after taking it out of the bowl and make it set for another two minutes. Next keep a towel in the flat surface and start rolling your towel in it just like rolling a bread dough. Make sure to apply a little amount of pressure to make the fibers on the dread to hold together. Use this simple method to create the dreads you would like to have and use this technique at least two times on each dread. You can keep more than a single piece inside the water bowl while doing it for the second time. Once it becomes fully dry, try to style it as per your desire.

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