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Styling A Ten Inch Hair Weave


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Hair weave is a perfect choice to style the hair with a unique look. Using a ten inch weave in your hair can be helpful in creating curls that give a completely different look. The ten inch weave can be used whenever you want along with your hair without causing any damage to the natural hair.
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First comb the entire hair weave to remove the tangles using a normal wide-tooth hair brush. Make sure that your hair is tangle free before starting the styling process. You can use any type of hairstyling product on the hair weave and make the hair to dry on its own. If possible you can also use a hair dryer very gently over the hair strands. Don’t use too much of heat over the hair roots and in places where your weave has been bonded along with original hair. Try to dry the hair in small parts without using too much of heat from the dryer. You can make the hair weave to blend along with actual hair with the help of a normal curling iron. Try using one inch barrel iron to curl the ten inch hair weave and never cut the weave it is too long. Once the hair curls become fully cool, brush the entire hair with a normal comb. Now you can style the hair as per your desire by using any kind of hair accessories including hair clips, barrettes, headbands and more.

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