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Steps To Repair Fried Hair


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A dull looking hair is normally considered to be a fried hair which will also be very thin and unhealthy. It can occur due to various reasons and there are several treatments that can be undertaken by going to a saloon to reverse the fried look in your hair. Here are few steps for treating the fried hair without visiting a hair specialist.
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To begin the process, first have a look at the hair if it is dry or starts to break which is the main symptom of the fried hair. Avoid using hairstyling products like chemical colors, hair straightening and washing your hair on regular basis. Stay away from heat styling tools such as a hair dryer, hot combs and rollers as they can make the hair look very dull. Keep your hair out of suns exposure by wearing a hair or scarf. Always wear a short hairstyle in case the hair looks too much fried. Try to make the hair dampen with water before using a shampoo during a hair wash. Use a mild shampoo to wash the fried hair and gently spread it all over the hair. Then use only warm water for rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. Dry the hair by simply patting it with absorbent towel and leave the hair to become dry naturally. You must drink two liters of water daily to maintain the hair healthy by hydrating the body and stay away from caffeinated beverages.

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