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Making Hair Extensions Straight With Layers


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Hair extensions are considered to be the best way to create various hairstyles without touching your natural hair. You must make sure that the hair extensions have been straightened in order to style them in a proper way. The straight hair extensions will also make your hairstyle look natural as well as more attractive. You can achieve this look at home by using a normal haircutting technique with sharp scissors.
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First you must condition your hair extension after washing it and make them dry using a towel. Then make a part in your hair at the middle of your head towards the back of the head. Now you must cut the hair from your middle part about one inch towards the temple near your ears. Next brush the front hair part straight down in front of the face and keep it in between left index as well as middle finger for cutting it across the nose to end of the eyebrow. Try to take another one inch part just at the back of first part and brush it in front of the already cut hair part. Keep this hair part straight up and take another uncut hair section against your front section. Try to spritz both the hair sections using water and start cutting the second hair part by keeping front hair section as your guide. Use the same cutting process on the remaining hair and cut only one inch hair parts.

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