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Steps To Blend Hairlines With Clipper


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Getting a clipper haircut by going to a hairstylist can help in preventing the visible hair, but sometimes these lines can appear making your hairstyle look unfinished. You can use any of the various methods that is available for solving this problem without going to a hair specialist. Make sure that the entire hair is completely dry before starting the styling process and you can also follow the instructions from the clipper manufacturer for trimming the hair. You must concentrate on your hair during the entire styling process to make the hairlines blend in a perfect manner.
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First brush the hair over the visible line to make it fall away from your scalp. Try to make the comb angle toward you to keep only a little amount of hair in the comb. Keep your clippers in one of your hand after taking the guard out to use them in a proper way. Make your clipper blade to run at the side near your comb from the right side to left for cutting the hair ends in a proper way. Next brush your hair straight back neat the scalp and use the same haircutting technique by making the comb to move more vertical for trimming more hair. Just use the same method for cutting the hair around your head till your haircut gets evenly blended all over. It is important to get some practice before using the clipper in the right manner for blending hairline.

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