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Using Curling Brush To Create Hair Curls


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Curling brush is one of the most simple tool to create curls in your hair that can be used by anyone without any help. The curling brush is available in various sizes and it must be selected in a perfect manner to achieve the beautiful curls. Try to use the curling brush on one part of your hair at one time.
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Start the styling with a damp hair and apply a little amount of heat protection hair product all over the head to prevent the hair from getting damaged during the styling process. Now take the blow dryer along with diffuser for using it over the hair which is slightly damp and try to comb the hair using a flat brush down during the drying process to make it smooth. Next divide the hair to create vertical parts all over the head and keep each of them secured in place using hair elastic. Start combing one of the hair parts using the curling brush and then roll the hair starting from end to near the scalp leaving one inch gap. Keep the curling brush while using the blow dryer on the hair with cool setting to make the curls set in your hair. Now you can unroll the hair parts that were rolled in the curling brush and mist the entire hair with aerosol hairspray. Use this technique on the other hair that was divided before as vertical parts to achieve the same type of curls.

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