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Preventing Hair Damage From Rubber Bands


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The natural hair can get damaged due to various reasons and some of the main reason behind a damaged hair can be any hair accessory. Even a rubber band can cause damage to your hair if it has been not used in a proper way. Here are few things that must be avoided while using the rubber band to style the hair.
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The hair will get damaged if you pull it tightly for securing with a rubber band or any other hair accessory. You hair will have brittle cuticles and look less shiny if it gets damaged. It can also make it difficult to style a damaged hair because it will be dry and weak. Securing the hair will rubber bands can cause too much of stress on your hair which will make it damaged easily. Always select the hair accessories that have round surface at the end if you are purchasing a pin or hair clips. Try to use these hair accessories in different parts of your head so the damage it not caused in all the parts of your hair. Using rubber bands to create ponytail can give a easy and simple look, but if you wear it for a longer time the hair may stop growing. You hair can get broken near the scalp if you use the rubber band on daily basis. In case you are planning to wear hairstyles like cornrows, avoid using rubber bands as it can make the hair shaft weak.

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