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Shiny Copper Hair Color


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Shiny copper hair color can make the natural hair look completely unique and it can also make the hairstyle stand out. Having a copper colored hair can look strong, shiny as well as healthy. There are different ways you select the proper copper color for your hair type.
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The first option to make add copper color to your hair is taking 1/3 cup natural marigold hair color and mix it along with two cups of distilled water. Leave them to simmer for twenty minutes and add half cup red wine to stir it well. Then wash the hair as usual before the conditioning treatment and start applying the mixture on the hair. Leave the mixture on to get the copper color and rinse it completely with normal water. Another option is taking red henna in a bowl and mix it with water. You can apply this color on the hair to achieve different look. Use it over blonde hair to make it look red and apply it over darker hair to make it look copper. The third option is getting herbal rinse that is done by adding three tbsp dried calendula and mix it with three tbsp dried hibiscus in two cups distilled water. Make them heat and try to steep it for 1-2 hours. Take the dried flowers out of the mixture in a bottle and add two tbsp apple cider vinegar. Now pour this mixture over the hair and rinse it as usual using cold water.

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