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Grownup Pigtails


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Grownup pigtails are considered to be the best hairstyle that can give a completely unique as well as cute look. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone on daily basis by placing them in a perfect area over your head. In this hairstyle, the pigtails will be kept near the nape of the head just behind your ear and not over the ears as it is done in the standard pigtails. There is no need to follow any special method to get this hairstyle as you can do this at home.
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First make a simple part in the middle of the head and make your hair fall on both the sides. Separate your hair as three parts on both the side of the head. Now take the three hair strands from one side of your head and keep outer strand just on top your middle hair strand and try to collect the hair strands in its new place with same pressure. Use the same method on the other side of the head till the hair gets braided fully. Use rubber band to keep the braid in its place and try to twist it around the hair. Use this technique also on the other side and make sure that the hair has been braided in a perfect shape on both the side of your head. At last use a hairspray to mist the entire hairstyle to keep it in place without any flyaways.

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