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Treating Hair With Avocado Butter


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Using avocado butter for treating the hair can make it smooth as well as textured. There are also other products that can be used to add smoothness into your hair, but this can be the best natural option for treating the hair at home. It is important to find out the best avocado butter for using it over the hair and it can keep the hair moisturized for a long time.
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Avocado butter has been known to be very much heavy which must be used sparingly during the deep conditioning process. Try to take one tbsp of the butter for applying it over the hair as well as scalp and leave it on for about one hour or you can also leave it on as per your desire. Then wash the hair with shampoo and try to condition it as usual. Some of the hair can become greasy if you leave the butter for a long time over it, so try to use it along with leave-in conditioner which is mainly suitable for the Afro-American hair. To use it over the Afro hair, first tale one tbsp of the butter and apply it over the hair ends which can easily prevent the frizzy look as well as make the hair look shiny. The avocado butter is also helpful in keeping your hair rehydrated, untangled and soft. This can be the perfect choice if you are planning to get additional conditioning treatment for your hair.

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