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Styling Straight Hair With Flat Brush


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There are different types of hairstyling tools available that can be used for making the hair straight. One of the best tools to use for using it over the straight hair is flat hair brush. This is one of the most considered styling tool that features wide brushes and it is mainly used on medium and long hair. The flat brush is mainly used by people to comb their hair at nighttime before going to bed as it can stimulate your scalp.
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Start the styling by using flat brush to comb your hair starting from the ends and moving slowly toward the scalp. Then try to wash the hair gently using a shampoo and apply a hair conditioner as per your desire. Use a normal towel to remove the water from your hair by patting it gently. Next use a leave-in conditioner to mist the entire hair and comb the entire hair with your fingers. Avoid using a comb to brush the hair at this time and in case the hair look too much tangled use the hair brush gently. Make sure to give slow and steady strokes on the hair strands with the help of your flat brush and this will be helpful in making the hair as straight as possible. Don’t create too much of volume in your hair using the flat hair brush as it can make it look bad and avoid using any type of hair shinning product.

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