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Steps To Select Toner For Your Hair


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Hair toner can be the perfect choice if you have bleached your blond hair. There will be raw pigment after bleaching the hair that can cause yellow tint over it. The toners are also used on the hair to get different shades. In order to prevent this problem, you must try to select the perfect hair one to be used over the hair.
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Before purchasing the hair toner, go through hairstyle magazine for knowing which will be the perfect toner for your hair. Make sure to know what type of blond color you want to create in your hair. Those who have naturally golden hair must use deep golden hair color and it will be considered as stage five. In case you have a yellow hair color, then try to consider stage six and finally for those who have light yellow hair color must consider stage seven. Try to look for brassy tone in the hair such as light blond hair color will look as unpleasant yellow that can be corrected with violet toner. The hair which is orange color must select a blue shade toner. It is important to known the complexion as few toners will create cooler tone with blond hair and some of them will create golden tone. Those who have light complexion as well as fair skin must select the toner with red or gold to warm up their skin. Try to neutralize red complexion with a ash or cool beige toner.

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