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Styling Short Hair For First Time


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When you get a short haircut for the first time it can be very difficult to maintain it in a proper way. Most of the people will think that a short hair cannot be styled in different ways, you can use the same method that is used on the long hair for styling. There are chances of adding more volume into your hair when it is short when compared to a long hair.
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If you have got a pixie haircut, you can change it into different versions. Try to spike the pixie cut by using a little amount of hair gel. You can also brush the entire hair in the spike haircut at the back of the head to create sleek look. Try to make a side part in the haircut by using a hair brush. Another option of styling with the short hair is using Velcro rollers to create smooth waves all over the head. You can also create a tousled look by just applying a texture cream. For the tousled look, first blow dry the entire hair by bending the hair over the head and add volume into your hair by combing it with the fingers. Try to create a straight hairstyle by using the flat iron and make sure to spread a small amount of hair serum that protect it from the heat by the tool. Try to cover the hair with a scarf or hair accessories that can make the short hair look good.

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