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Creating Messy Bun Using Ponytail Holder


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A messy bun can be created with various types of hairstyling tools, but the most simple way to achieve this look is by using a ponytail holder. It is one of the best and quickest way of creating this hairstyle without getting help from anyone. This style can be worn for various special occasions like a formal event.
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First comb the hair to make it free from knots and mist the entire comb with shinning serum hairspray before using it over the hair. Now take the hair in your hand and keep it on top of the head where the bun will be created. Make sure that the hair is kept near to the hairline and try to twist it in a direction as per your desire. Continue to twist your hair till it gets winded around itself like a bun. Next take the ponytail holder for wrapping it over the bun that was created and twist your ponytail holder once again to create the second circle. Make sure that the bun ends are secured tightly just below your ponytail holder. Try to take out small strands of hair from the bun and mainly near the crown as well as around the face. At last use a finishing spray to mist the entire hair and over the hair strands that falls around the head. Don’t pull out lot of hair around the head to get the messy look as it can spoil the hairstyle.

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